The International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee (ILPDC) is a project of the Indigenous Rights Center.  We are the hub of communication between Leonard Peltier and his program coordinators, the general public, government officials, political and tribal leaders, the media, and his supporters worldwide. We are in daily contact with Leonard who is currently imprisoned at USP Coleman, Florida.

Our contact information is as follows.

Mailing address (for donations, correspondence, merchandise orders):

P.O. Box 24
Hillsboro, OR 97123


c/o Indigenous Rights Center LLC
202 Harvard SE
Albuquerque, NM  87106

All Telephone Inquiries:

(505) 217-3612


What We Do

Our staff and volunteers plan and coordinate an ongoing international freedom campaign to win Leonard’s release. Our activities include outreach and networking; local, as well as national and international organizing; public education; media relations; and political lobbying.

We work closely with Leonard’s attorneys who, with Leonard, decide on the legal actions to be taken to win his freedom.

The ILPDC also works in solidarity with other political prisoner organizations and those seeking environmental and social justice, advocates for Indigenous and human rights, and the movement for prison reform.

Our Work

Our work currently takes us in four directions:

  1. An award of Executive Clemency;
  2. A congressional investigation into the FBI’s misconduct in Indian Country, against the American Indian Movement and in the case of Leonard Peltier;
  3. An Executive Review by the Attorney General; and
  4. The release of tens of thousands of related case documents.

Please help.  Any or all of these strategies may lead to Leonard’s release. Join with these and other Peltier supporters to secure the freedom of an innocent man.

Join Us

If you are interested in becoming more involved as a member of our worldwide support network, consider establishing a support group in your geographic area or volunteer.

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