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In the Spirit of Crazy Horse by Peter Matthiessen

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Book I


1.    Thieves Road: The Oglala Lakota, 1835-1965

2.    The Upside-Down Flag:  The American Indian Movement, 1968-73

3.    To Wounded Knee:  February-May 1973

4.    The Wounded Knee Trials:  January-September 1974

5.    The New Indian Wars:  AIM Versus the FBI, 1972-75

6.    The U.S. Puppet Government:  Pine Ridge and Dick Wilson, 1975

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Book II


7.    The Shoot-Out I:  June 26, 1975

8.    The Shoot-Out II:  June 26, 1975

9.    The “Reservation Murders” Investigation:  June-September 1975

10.  The Fugitives I;  July-November 1975

11.  The Fugitives II:  November 1975 – May 1976

12.  The Trial at Cedar Rapids:  June-July 1976

13.  The Trial at Fargo:  March-April 1977

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Book III


14.  The Escape:  Lompoc Prison and the Los Angeles Trial

15.  The Real Enemy

16.  Another Important Matter:  Myrtle Poor Bear and David Price 1976-81

17.  Forked Tongues:  Freedom of Information Act and the New Evidence 1980-81

18.  In Marion Penitentiary

19.  Paha Sapa:  The Treaty, the Supreme Court, and the Return to the Black Hills

20.  Red and Blue Days


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