International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

Dear Family, Friends and Supporters;

Leonard has been in a lock down situation for approximately 20 days, and that is too long for his legal team to be excluded from discussing important issues with him. We applied for a special legal visit last Tuesday 6/5/18. We were notified Friday to contact his counselor on Monday for a visit sometime next week.

While we are waiting for our visit, I wanted to let you know that all your e-mails asking us to start a campaign to President Trump have not fallen on deaf ears. Before the lockdown we talked to Leonard and he was pleased that so many of you felt the same way he did. Leonard said, “Have my supporters ask in a respectful way for President Trump to let me go home, Clemency is what my friends and supporters need to ask for!”

We have been working so everyone can be on the same page and here is the first part of our campaign; we want everyone with Twitter accounts to join us. Letter writing and post cards will follow, but they take more time and a little more money. If you would like to receive a group of 20 post card to hand out & sign, send your name and address to: ILPDC 116 W. Osborne Ave, Tampa FL. 33603 and I will send them as soon as I get them from the printer. If you live in or around the Tampa, FL. area and would like to help in the office, call me at 218-790-7667.

We have come up with a few Tweets and would like for all of you to follow us on @Peltierhq and @Leonardpeltier and then use your own Twitter account to reach out to all your followers so that we’ll be able to reach thousands of people daily with all our messages to bring Leonard home.

  • @POTUS Time is right to send Leonard Peltier home to his family!
  • @POTUS Free Leonard Peltier! End FBI double standard
  • @POTUS Free Leonard Peltier! End FBI misconduct
  • @POTUS Free Leonard Peltier FBI’s scapegoat!
  • @POTUS Free Leonard Peltier and Stand with the people
  • @POTUS Compassion starts with Freeing Leonard Peltier!
  • @POTUS FBI not above the law, Free Leonard Peltier!
  • @POTUS Free Leonard Peltier, Justice is for everyone!

We will have a Twitter Blast every Wednesday from 6 a.m. your time to 6 p.m. your time, in this way we will have the supporters throughout the world keeping the Tweet alive.  The office will post and send out information on our FB page. If you have other tweets that you think appropriate, send them to the office so they can be included.

Another issue that is very unsettling for Leonard is the new regulations regarding Colored writing paper & envelopes. Many of you have sent Leonard letters that were sent in colored envelopes and beautiful writing paper with colored designs. Regretfully, they are not being given to Leonard but sent to the office, or returned to the supporter. This also includes colored pencil/crayon drawings as well as post cards and letters with no return address. ALL letters/card & post cards need to have your return address or they will be sent to the office or destroyed. So, if you want Leonard to receive your mail you must use white paper and envelopes.

I want to thank you for all your wonderful support, donations, and let you know that my co-director Kari Ann is responsible for those beautiful new ads. In the next few days, we’ll be sending out more information on the clemency campaign and how you can become involved. Be sure you’re on the lookout!

In Solidarity,






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