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DJ Free Leonard

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Educator/Author/DJ Free Leonard Also Known As The Broken Treaty Poet is as much anthropological artist as he is community organizer. By weaving potent Indigenous messages into his rhymes, the Oakland born artist arrives with a distinct delivery that wraps a political education into his culturally inspired songs.

He was raised working in the community for several years as he honed his writing before he began recording audio/visual reflections of his White Earth Chippewa Tribe. His efforts have grown exponentially since 2013 when he spoke and performed before over 3,000 audience members on Alcatraz Island at the Indigenous Sunrise Ceremony.

His latest release “T.H.E.Y. EP” is themed after DJ Free Leonard’s spoken word performances and discussions in Bay Area classrooms on Indigenous History, Culture, Art and Politics. “Using Hip Hop As A Tool For Liberation” is a phrase he wrote describing his amazing crafting of Indigenous terms and ideas with a very unique Spoken Word style and combined it with modern Hip Hop Production and well known MC’s – “I feel like Hip Hop can be utilized to educate about so many Injustices and in particular the atrocities going on against Indigenous People worldwide” said DJ Free Leonard.

DJ Free Leonard has released several project’s since 2010 which including five albums – “Free Leonard Peltier: Hip Hop’s Contribution To The Freedom Campaign”, “Free Peltier, Free Em All! Documentary”- “DJ Free Leonard: A Struggle For Human Rights” – “DJ Free Leonard: Assimilate Or Eliminate” – “DJ Free Leonard: Electrify The Masses EP” – a book of poetry: “Broken Treaty Poet: Birthright Tribal Member”, over 20 music videos, several which have been in rotation on First Nations Network- cable channel and numerous live performances including the Indigenous Sunrise Ceremony on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco (2013) & opening for Rakim (2015).

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Your purchase will help pay the significant legal expenses associated with Leonard's case—filing and cost recovery fees, as well as attorney fees and travel, for example—in addition to community outreach and public education efforts conducted on his behalf. Thank you for your support!

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