International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

On Wednesday 23rd, June 2021… The Leonard Peltier Freedom Riders are riding for “Our Sacred Mother Earth And All Humankind” kicks off at 9AM until 1PM (EST) in Washington DC at the:

National Museum of the American Indian 4th Street and Independence Avenue SW, Washington, DC 20560

After which, the Horses, Freedom Riders and Supporters will stay in Washington DC through Saturday the 26th with a final vigil, commemorating The Oglala Firefight, June 26, 1975; the day Leonard Peltier was forced to sacrifice his life.

While in Washington DC the Freedom Riders and Supporters will be able to proclaim to President Biden that
Mr Leonard Peltier should go home. His conviction of Aiding & Abetting doesn’t make sense while his
2 co-defendants were exonerated on the grounds of self-defense.


Our valiant & noble Freedom Riders, the Horses and Supporters set upon the  journey on June 7th from SD… under Ken FourCloud’s leadership.  As the days progressed, the Freedom Riders and Supporters began to grow in number, State to State and around the world.

Then in the last few days, the Horses & the Freedom Riders were derailed as the Freedom Ride Horse Trailer broke down. The damage was so severe that eventually another Horse Trailer was needed.

Under a good chain of circumstances… the Horses and the Freedom Riders were kept safe and fed by compassionate people while someone gifted Freedom Rider Ken FourCloud with a safe trailer for The Horses.  The Freedom Ride 2021 prevails with the goodness of people who believe in the mission.

Leonard remains in prison, 45 years and counting.

More than ever, we need the support of all of you, embracing one Voice, Strengths, Prayers and Talents.

As Freedom Rider Matthew “Black Eagle Man” Cordes reminds us:


We all can do this and acknowledge the Constitutional Violations in Leonard Peltier’s Case and realize that he is a POW/prisoner from the genocidal practices of the US Government.

Bring Leonard Peltier home… to his Family and close Circle at The Turtle Mountain Band of Anishinabe.

The Horses, the Freedom Riders & Supporters sincerely thank those who have been sending prayers and lending a hand.  All donations go for feeding the Horses, fuel for the vehicles and for all incidentals to ensure the well-being of both Riders and Horses.

GoFundMe Link:
“In the spirit of Crazy Horse”
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June 23, 2021 Washington DC

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