International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

Leonard Peltier (Anishinabe/Dakota) is a American Indian Movement political prisoner who has been imprisoned for 46 years, despite all the evidence and testimony used against him was proven to be fabricated and false. Leonard is now 76 years old with serious health issues including an aortic aneurism, heart condition, an enlarged prostate, vision issues, diabetes and more. We are concerned he is not receiving appropriate health care and the Bureau of Prisons has not provided his medical records for us to know. Leonard wants to be transferred to Oxford, WI due to it being much closer to his family and close to the BOP”s medical facility at Rochester, MN where he can get adequate treatment for his health issues. At 76 with a myriad of health issues Leonard is not a security risk and there is no reason he cannot be transferred to a Medium Security facility. While the work to free Leonard continues his health mandates that he be transferred. There are hundreds of thousands of us watching this happen – we are not okay with it:



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