International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

It seems to me, considering my own experience over many years of dealing with political offences, even those in which death has resulted, that the basic purpose of imprisonment still needs to be observed and applied, namely punishment, reformation, forgiveness and understanding, and, of course the interests of society. I am sure that these very basic and humane principles apply equally in the United States as they should do in any democratic country, however heinous the offence.

Each case should be evaluated on the basis of its own individual facts and circumstances and, from the little that I know about Peltier from the information that you have sent to me from time to time, to have kept Leonard Peltier in prison for over 40 years, is inhumane and, I believe, barbaric, particularly since he is now an old and sick man who presents no harm or danger to anyone and who should be allowed to spend his last years with his family, friends and, importantly, the community which he was part of. In light of what I have said above, please add my name to the already lengthy list of people calling for his release.


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