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July 27, 2021~ The call from Leonard came in approximately 2:30 this afternoon. His voice was very somber, and I knew something was wrong. He wanted to be mad, but never raised his voice……”Coleman is back on COVID lockdown…..full time” he said. I have no words to...

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Transfer Leonard Peltier NOW

Leonard Peltier (Anishinabe/Dakota) is a American Indian Movement political prisoner who has been imprisoned for 46 years, despite all the evidence and testimony used against him was proven to be fabricated and false. Leonard is now 76 years old with serious health...

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Leonard Denial of Transfer Request

On Monday March 4th, 2019 Leonard Peltier was advised that his request for a transfer had been unceremoniously denied by the United States Bureau of Prisons. The International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee appreciates and thanks the large number of his supporters...

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URGENT ACTION: Support for Leonard Transfer

Dear Friends and supporters, At our legal visit yesterday, Leonard told us that his case manager had submitted his request for a transfer on Wed, 1-2-19. He was cautiously excited and felt his transfer could happen within a few months BUT he didn't rule out the fact...

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Leonard Statement Re: Incident at DC with Nathan Philips

I just saw the incident taking place in Washington, DC in which a demonstration between the white Make America Great Again (MAGA) representatives and a Native Elder singing a religious song took a horrendous turn. There were threats and insults by the young punk...

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We are excited to announce the upcoming 2nd Annual Leonard Peltier Fundraising Concert to be held on Tuesday, October 16, 2018 in the Verizon Theater in Dallas Texas. Artists will include BJ Thomas Steve Earle and Chris Gantry, they will be joining our friends Jamey...

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For Immediate Release: Peltier Horse Ride

For Immediate Release: Ken Four Cloud of Crow Creek Sioux Nation, a rider with the annual Mankato 38 +2 Memorial Horseback ride, has officially begun a horseback ride to advocate for Leonard Peltier’s release  from prison through Executive Clemency from President...

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