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July 27, 2021~ The call from Leonard came in approximately 2:30 this afternoon. His voice was very somber, and I knew something was wrong. He wanted to be mad, but never raised his voice……”Coleman is back on COVID lockdown…..full time” he said. I have no words to...

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Transfer Leonard Peltier NOW

Leonard Peltier (Anishinabe/Dakota) is a American Indian Movement political prisoner who has been imprisoned for 46 years, despite all the evidence and testimony used against him was proven to be fabricated and false. Leonard is now 76 years old with serious health...

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Leonard Denial of Transfer Request

On Monday March 4th, 2019 Leonard Peltier was advised that his request for a transfer had been unceremoniously denied by the United States Bureau of Prisons. The International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee appreciates and thanks the large number of his supporters...

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