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We are excited to announce the upcoming 2nd Annual Leonard Peltier Fundraising Concert to be held on Tuesday, October 16, 2018 in the Verizon Theater in Dallas Texas. Artists will include BJ Thomas Steve Earle and Chris Gantry, they will be joining our friends Jamey...

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For Immediate Release: Peltier Horse Ride

For Immediate Release: Ken Four Cloud of Crow Creek Sioux Nation, a rider with the annual Mankato 38 +2 Memorial Horseback ride, has officially begun a horseback ride to advocate for Leonard Peltier’s release  from prison through Executive Clemency from President...

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Leonard Peltier Freedom Ride to Coleman

  Dear Family, Friends and Supporters; The Leonard Peltier Freedom Ride is coming to Florida Ken Four Cloud, Crow Creek Sioux, from Ft. Thompson, South Dakota and a rider with the Mankato 38 +2 will be riding on horseback to highlight Leonard Peltier’s continued...

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Statement from the ILPDC Board Of Directors

Greetings Relatives, Friends, and Supporters If Leonard were standing here today his words would be those of gratitude and love for the decades of prayers, ceremonies, walks for freedom, demonstrations, protests, hunger strikes, fundraisers, congressional lobbying,...

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Raffle Winner

Congratulations to our winner Patricia S. who bought the winning ticket on Pay Pal June 4th. She won the drawing for the raffle ticket purchase we had for a one of a kind hand painted purse donated to the ILPDC from Leonard Peltier.  Thank you to everyone who...

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Letters for Leonard

USP Coleman 1 has been on lockdown for approximately 27 days. Leonard Peltier is completely isolated from the world and has only letters to help him through each day. So please write Leonard today! Cheer him up, let him know what is happening in your corner of the...

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Twitter Blast

GET READY TWITTER BLAST WED. JUNE 20, 2018 6 A.M. TO 6 P.M. EVERY WHERE IN THE WORLD We have come up with a few tweets and would like you to follow us on Twitter @PeltierHQ and @LeonardPeltier and then use your own Twitter account to reach out to all your followers so...

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Prison has been in lock down for 20 days

Dear Family, Friends and Supporters; Leonard has been in a lock down situation for approximately 20 days, and that is too long for his legal team to be excluded from discussing important issues with him. We applied for a special legal visit last Tuesday 6/5/18. We...

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Original Art available for Raffle

Greetings Friends and Family; It has been a busy couple of weeks with the ILPDC board members Jean Roach and Yvonne Swan’s trip to the UN for the 17th Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues and the election of new leadership to the National ILPDC Board. Jean and Yvonne...

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