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July 27, 2021~ The call from Leonard came in approximately 2:30 this afternoon. His voice was very somber, and I knew something was wrong. He wanted to be mad, but never raised his voice……”Coleman is back on COVID lockdown…..full time” he said. I have no words to...

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Leonard Statement Re: Incident at DC with Nathan Philips

I just saw the incident taking place in Washington, DC in which a demonstration between the white Make America Great Again (MAGA) representatives and a Native Elder singing a religious song took a horrendous turn. There were threats and insults by the young punk...

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Statement from the ILPDC Board Of Directors

Greetings Relatives, Friends, and Supporters If Leonard were standing here today his words would be those of gratitude and love for the decades of prayers, ceremonies, walks for freedom, demonstrations, protests, hunger strikes, fundraisers, congressional lobbying,...

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Letters for Leonard

USP Coleman 1 has been on lockdown for approximately 27 days. Leonard Peltier is completely isolated from the world and has only letters to help him through each day. So please write Leonard today! Cheer him up, let him know what is happening in your corner of the...

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