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Twitter Blast

GET READY TWITTER BLAST WED. JUNE 20, 2018 6 A.M. TO 6 P.M. EVERY WHERE IN THE WORLD We have come up with a few tweets and would like you to follow us on Twitter @PeltierHQ and @LeonardPeltier and then use your own Twitter account to reach out to all your followers so...

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Leonard statement for Ramona Bennett

I was very happy to receive an announcement about a close native friend and longtime ally in the native struggle, Ramona Bennett, receiving the Bernie White Bear award. I want to send my personal congratulations to Ramona Bennett from the Puyallup Nation; Ramona, you...

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Ramona Bennett Receives 2018 Bernie Whitebear Award

By Frank Hopper May 3, 2018 On March 8, 1970, Ramona Bennett and over 100 Native activists attempted to take over the old, decommissioned Fort Lawton army base in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood. Bernie Whitebear, the Colville activist who organized the takeover,...

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Leonard Legal Team Under Attack

Dear Friends, Supporters and Family, I had planned to send out our bi-weekly newsletter Saturday after I had my legal visit with Leonard. I always want him to have a chance to send you his personal thoughts and greetings. However, I didn’t get to visit Leonard as...

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March Update for ILPDC

Greetings Supporters, Friends and Family, It has been a very busy two week, I want to let you know where we have gone for Leonard. But first, I want to thank you for all generous donations towards Leonard’s legal team. We have reach almost $20,000 in the last six...

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Leonard Peltier Statement February 2018

Leonard Peltier Statement February 6, 2018 Greetings Family, Friends and Supporters I am overwhelmed that today Feb 6th is the start of my 43rd year in prison. I have had such high hopes over the years that I might be getting out and returning to my family in North...

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End of Year ILPDC Letter

Dear Supporters, Family and Comrades The end of 2017 is on our heels and I wanted to send you thanks for all your support through the year. I couldn’t have made the move to Tampa, Fl. to be closer to Leonard without your help and Leonard really appreciated the move. I...

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Weekly Update Dec 1, 2017

Dear Friends and Family, I want to thank the supporters who live in the Tampa Bay Area and receive this newsletter for stopping by our Free Peltier booth at Circus McCurkis. It was great to meet you and I appreciate you all for signing up to help us get Leonard out of...

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