International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

Dear Supporters, Family and Comrades

The end of 2017 is on our heels and I wanted to send you thanks for all your support through the year. I couldn’t have made the move to Tampa, Fl. to be closer to Leonard without your help and Leonard really appreciated the move. I saw him Christmas Day, it was his first Christmas visit in over 20 years, he thanks you all for help in making this possible.

We must continue this struggle, and I would like to think we can make great headway in 2018 towards his Freedom; It would be even greater if he comes home this coming year! But that is somewhat determined by the success of his legal team, and our fundraising. It seems clear that fundraising is going to be harder next year, due to the Tax Bill just passed by the Congress. Please don’t wait for next year but send your donations for 2017 & 2018 by the 31st so you can use it as a tax write off on your 2017 Tax Return. Donate Button.

Here is an important letter from David Frankel, our attorney, as he explains the legal strategy for 2018, and how important your support is going to be in the work for Leonard’s FREEDOM.



Dear Friends and Family Members,

Greetings and warmest wishes for the new year. As 2017 comes to a close and 2018 begins we are moving forward with renewed resolve and determination to free Leonard and keep awareness of his life in the public eye. As global politics have changed since the presidential election of 2016 so has public awareness of political prisoners incarcerated because of government corruption and oppression. Leonard remains the most preeminent example, and it is now more important than ever to increase worldwide attention of his case.

After meeting Leonard this past Summer, I agreed to head the team of lawyers, investigators and volunteers who have been working for decades to expose the misconduct and deceit by the federal government which led Leonard’s extradition and prosecution in 1976. With a renewed energy, the Committee has identified three areas to focus upon in the coming year. The First, is a comprehensive review of the transcripts and legal documents in the original trial with the intention of filing a writ of habeas corpus based on the unconstitutional grounds which resulted in Leonard’s convictions. Secondly, is a request for a parole hearing and release by using public awareness and pressure from supporters like you all over the world. Finally, we are exploring an administrative “compassionate” release based on Leonard’s failing health and the inability of the U.S. Bureau of Prisons to provide the medical treatment he requires. In addition to these efforts for release we continue to advocate for Leonard’s transfer to a low-security prison nearer to his family and his original home.

While many of the lawyers and volunteers have agreed to work for free or at reduced rates (myself included) these efforts will require your financial support. In particular, the Committee has retained the services of two investigators whose mission is to expose the government misconduct which instigated the incident on June 26, 1975 and continues until today. Additionally, we hope to engage the legal assistance of the Innocence Clinic at the University of Miami School of Law and experts in federal appellate law as part of our efforts to fulfil these new legal commitments.

To ensure success the Committee greatly needs your financial support. Your contributions are critical to continuing this work for Leonard’s freedom. We are asking that you donate any amount you can. No amount is too large or too small. All of the money received is used to further Leonard’s release and to continue the relentless fight against corrupt government action to suppress the rights and freedoms of Indigenous people, and silence those seeking equal rights for all human beings worldwide. Please join us by making a donation today.

With great love and respect
David A. Frankel
David A. Frankel, Esq.

As you can see, the legal team and the Defense Committee will be multi-tasking in 2018 in order to make sure everything possible is done to free Leonard. Please help us by sending what you can and by sharing this letter with your friends on social media as well as your e-mail list. Our information for snail mail donations & PayPal donations are:

International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee 116 W. Osborne Ave. Tampa, Fl. 33603 or DONATE button on top right side of home page. You can also send us a Staple or Office Max gift cards to help with office supplies.
Thank you again for all your help and support, Kari Ann and I wish you great health and happiness in 2018 as we continue onward and upward the for Leonards’ FREEDOM.

In solidarity with the Struggle for Leonard’s Freedom

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