International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee



Letter Writing Campaign

Example letter for clemency for Leonard Peltier to President Biden
Download PDF


Standard Case Brochure
Black and white brochure regarding the Peltier case, information resources, etc. Print on legal size paper, both sides, landscape orientation. Download PDF in English or Spanish.

Information Booklet
A static, black and white publication that won’t require revision very often. It includes more background material than the above Brochure plus photos. Use in conjunction with legal updates to provide more current information. Six pages, produced on three sheets of standard sized paper with portrait orientation for front-to-back copying. Download PDF.

About Peltier
This is a pamphlet about Leonard Peltier, the man. It may be used to humanize Leonard Peltier for new audiences, in particular, but the pamphlet does not include case information. Download PDF.


Speaking My Blood: The Transformative Words of Leonard Peltier (Compiled by Harvey Arden)

Fact Sheets

“The Case of Leonard Peltier”— NEW. A concise two-sided (portrait orientation) fact sheet/talking points.  Download PDFs in color or black and white.

“The Case of Leonard Peltier: Statement of Fact”—This document expands on the information included in the above brochure. Download PDF.

People are commonly set free due to a single constitutional violation, but Peltier—faced with a staggering number of constitutional violations—has yet to receive equal justice. Download an overview of these violations in PDF format.

FBI Case Documents

US Versus Leonard Peltier: Evidence of a Wrongful Conviction.  From the files of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

View selected FBI documents online (use your back arrow to return to this page):


Is the Doctor In? Why Leonard Peltier and Other Aging Prisoners Lack Adequate Medical Care. Truthout. 07 May 2016. Download in PDF format.

Worthington, Peter. Flawed justice: The case of Leonard Peltier. Toronto Sun, 13 Mar 2010.  Download in PDF format.

Trial Transcript

The complete trial transcript is downloadable via this zip file.  The transcript also is available for reading online here.

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