International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

Dear Friends, Supporters and Family,

I had planned to send out our bi-weekly newsletter Saturday after I had my legal visit with Leonard. I always want him to have a chance to send you his personal thoughts and greetings. However, I didn’t get to visit Leonard as after filing my papers and stating I was there for a legal visit I was asked to turn my pockets out and be tested for illegal substances. I didn’t think anything about the request and the machine indicated a positive response! I said it must be a mistake as I had just washed and pressed my pants for the visit. The officer said he would clear the machine and re-swab my pockets, and again it indicated a positive response and I was denied a visit and told to wait for the Lt. for further information.

I was very upset and explained that I did not do drugs or smoke any illegal substances and that my office/house was a Drug Free Zone. In about 40 minutes the Lt. came out and said due to a double positive I would be denied visitation with Leonard for 30 days. I told him what I had told the officer and the Lt. said Oh we don’t think you do drugs nor are we implying that you do. But you could have come in contact with some dirty money of been in a gas station or someplace where drugs might have been. You may visit Mr. Peltier after 5/22. As soon as I left the prison I called our lawyer, Mr. David Frankel and explained what had happened.

Mr. Frankel is very concerned as this is the second time (Jan. 21, 2018) in 3 months that this has happened when I went to see Leonard on a legal visit. Frankel feels I am being targeted as way to disrupt communication between Leonard and his legal team. It is impossible for Frankel to travel on an ongoing basis from his office to the prison. And my role as his paralegal is to be the person that maintains the communication between him and Leonard.

Needless to say, Leonard was very upset and agrees with Frankel that his legal team is being targeted. And we are working on strategies to counteract this attack. We will keep you up dated as this progresses forward.

We appreciate your continued support for Leonard during this stressful time.

In Struggle,

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