International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

23 June 2015


It will be 40 years – on June 26 – since what has become known as “the incident at Oglala.” That was when a young Indigenous man and two undercover FBI agents were killed on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, under still-murky circumstances…

Who or what is served by Peltier’s incarceration? Quite simply, it is the United States government, and this country’s deeply embedded racism toward its Indigenous population, bound up with settler colonialism and “Manifest Destiny”-driven expansion across the continent. The incident at Oglala occurred on a reservation, land onto which the survivors of the attempted genocide of Native Americans were forced…

Nearing the age of 71 years, Leonard Peltier should be immediately released from the system of mass incarceration set up by the descendants of settlers who actively perpetrated genocide against his ancestors.

Otherwise, he will be left to age behind bars, in cruel conditions – and we are left to ask, To what end?


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