International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

Start a Support Group

We invite you to partner with us to formulate strategies, devise fundraising ideas, and build public support for Leonard Peltier.

“There is only one ILPDC… Our [regional chapters and local support groups, however,] build awareness… Teamwork is key in our organizing, as is teaming with the ILPDC to educate the public on my case.”—Leonard Peltier


The International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee is centralized so that Leonard’s right to self-determination is guaranteed. However, together, we are the tree of justice and freedom for Leonard Peltier, and you—the supporters—are the branches of that tree.  Your participation is imperative to our survival and Leonard’s freedom.

Our preference is that a local support group consist of three or more members and demonstrate community (non-Internet) activity.  When you have completed your initial recruiting, contact to formally establish your support group.

It is important that you have a phone number and address so we can refer people in your area to your support group and otherwise contact you.  We recommend that you use a voice mailbox.  At least one person in your group must have access to e-mail.  You may want to have a post office box for privacy reasons.

We also ask that you send the Committee a short update monthly.  Let us know how you are doing.

If your group becomes inactive, be sure to contact us and let us know.

Your Function

ILPDC support groups are expected to:

  • Develop and retain a visible presence in your community

  • Coordinate local actions on important dates

  • Do community outreach

  • Coordinate local  letter writing and phone call campaigns

  • Hold a minimum of one organizing meeting a month

  • Help raise funds for Leonard’s defense fund.

It is helpful, we have found, if designated people within your group take responsibility for different tasks. For example, one person can manage the mailing list, another can act as a treasurer, and another can organize the meetings.


If you decide to register as an ILPDC chapter/support group, we want you to be prepared for a sometimes difficult yet rewarding experience.

Be advised that operating a ILPDC support group and participating in chapter activities can and should be enjoyable, but also necessitates a very strong commitment to the struggle, involves responsibility for your group and chapter—as well as to the InternationalLeonard Peltier Defense Committee—and entails a lot of hard work.


In addition to the task of helping to educate the public on Leonard Peltier’s case, fundraising on behalf of Leonard’s defense fund is a significant part of your group’s and chapter’s responsibility.

Accountability and Reporting

We expect that ILPDC support groups will submit brief reports on all of your group’s activities (ideally on a monthly basis).  Let us know about your successes and challenges and how you think the Committee can better assist you.

If your group has engaged in fundraising activity, also submit financial reports. We ask that you provide details on your group’s starting balance, expenditures incurred, monies raised, and total funds on hand.

The ILPDC is available to assist you with your chapter’s needs. We will do what we can to ensure your success.  Please contact us with any questions or concerns:

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