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10 Tips for Writing
A Press Release

The following tips should be considered before sending a press release.

1. Is the topic newsworthy?

2. Journalists will not entertain clever, boring and/or irrelevant headlines.
You need to articulate your hook and get as much information as possible into as small amount of headline real estate as possible. Your headline should not be tacked on, but a thoughtful synthesis of your press release. (Does your headline need a tune-up? Get your free tune-up here.)

3. Is the first paragraph strong, essentially summarizing the release and containing the 5Ws (who, what, when, where, and why)?

4. Is the press release too short or too lengthy?

5. Does the press release follow AP Style and is it grammatically sound?

6. Does the press release set an appropriate tone, avoiding over-description, exaggeration, editorializing and ad copy?<

7. Is the press release fact-based and adequately documented?

8. Is the contact information complete, including a person’s name, telephone number and e-mail address?

9. Does your message match your target audience?

10. Is your press release media-friendly (not link-heavy or unorthodox)?

Print this list out. Review it whenever you send a press release. It’s that important.

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