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Late 2016 Interview with Leonard Peltier by Kevin McKiernan. Listen

2012 Exclusive: Leonard Peltier Speaks Out from Prison on Denial of Medical Care, Bid for Clemency. Leonard Peltier, one of the nation’s most well-known and longest-incarcerated prisoners, speaks out from the U.S. Penitentiary at Coleman, Florida, where he is currently held. Peltier is the Native American activist and former member of the American Indian Movement who was convicted of aiding in the killing of two FBI agents during a shootout on South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in 1975. Sentenced to prison in 1977, Peltier is now 68 years old. Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman spoke with Peltier on Saturday when he called into a press conference organized by his supporters.    Listen



COINTELPRO 101 –  Listen to the full length audio documentary here.

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Peltier Archive

Attorney Eric Seitz (30 September 2009) – An interview conducted by Melinda Tuhus with Eric Seitz on next steps in the Peltier case on “Between The Lines“. Listen
Attorney Eric Seitz, Update on Peltier Parole (24 August 2009) – An interview with Eric Seitz on the denial of Peltier’s parole on Democracy Now! hosted by Amy Goodman. Listen
NPR:  Peltier parole hearing stirs controversy (27 July 2009). Listen
Attorney Mike Kuzma, Update on Peltier Case (23 March 2009) – An interview with Charlie Cobb, author of “On The Road to Freedom: A Guided Tour of the Civil Rights Trail” and Senior Writer for; hosted by Walter Turner, KPFA. Listen
Attorney Mike Kuzma Re Recent Assault of Leonard Peltier (2009) – Approximately the last 20 Minutes of this episode of Native American Airwaves, KPFK. Listen
Birthday Message from Leonard Peltier (12 September 2006) – WAV Format, 3 Minutes. Listen
Democracy Now Archive Peltier-related segments.
Expansion of FBI Powers During the So Called War On Terror: A Look at the Case of Leonard Peltier (A talk by Peltier Attorney Bruce Ellison, Air date 06 August 2002, 43 Minutes). Listen
Rare Interview with Leonard Peltier (Aired on 12 June 2000). Listen
Hearing Before the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals (11 March 2008) – Leonard Peltier v Federal Bureau of Investigation (No. 07-1745MN); MP3 Format, 38 Minutes. Listen
Interviews of Interest
Lecture on COINTELPRO (26 June 2001) – By Ward Churchill, MP3 audio stream provided by TUC Radio in San Francisco ( via Radio4All (
Part 1 (MP3 Format, 29 Minutes) Listen
Part 2 (MP3 Format, 29 Minutes) Listen
Lecture on the History of Counterintelligence (28 January 2001) – By Ward Churchill at the National Conference for Organized Resistance, American University, Washington, DC. MP3 audio stream provided by
Part 1 (MP3 Format, 45 Minutes) Listen
Part 2 (MP3 Format, 46 Minutes) Listen
Leonard Peltier (1991) – Telephone Interview from USP-Leavenworth.  Provided by Voice of a Native Son, Intelligent Aboriginal Media (MP3 Format, 42 Minutes). Listen
Leonard Peltier (1988) – Telephone Interview from USP-Leavenworth (MP3 Format, 1 Minute). Listen
Speech by Ramsey Clark (10 December 2000) – Delivered by the former U.S. Attorney General and Peltier attorney at the Walk for Truth and Reconciliation, New York City. Provided by Voice of a Native Son, Intelligent Aboriginal Media (MP3 Format, 7 Minutes). Listen
Talk by Attorney Bruce Ellison (22 September 2002) – Peltier Attorney Ellison at the Community Church of Boston (MP3 Format, 35 Minutes). Listen
The Case of Leonard Peltier (04 August 2005) – Provided by Sprouts-Radio from the Grassroots, Credits: Daniel Huber, George Cadman, and Skidmark Bob of Freak Radio, Santa Cruz, CA (MP3 Format, 29 Minutes). Listen

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