International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

You Can Help

Call Legislators

A quick and effective way of letting members of Congress know your position on the Peltier case is a phone call. When legislators get several phone calls from constituents on issues or legislation, they begin to pay more attention. We encourage you to contact your legislators at both their local offices and their offices in Washington, DC.

Find contact information for your Members of Congress:

When making a phone call to the office of your member of Congress, be sure to include the following information:

Who you are.

Let the legislator’s office know that you are a constituent, and you may wish to talk a little bit about your credentials where appropriate.

The issue and your position on it.

Whether you’re calling a member of Congress about Peltier’s parole, clemency, release of government documents on the case, or the need for congressional hearings be sure to give your position on the issue. Be clear and concise.

How to contact you.

Remember to leave your address and telephone number so that you can receive a response from your member of Congress.

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