International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee


Greeting friends, supporters and concerned people of injustices.

A close friend, Connie Nelson, has teamed with music industry veteran Johnny Buschardt and the ILPDC to help raise legal funds to hire a legal team to represent me in a number of legal litigations I hope to file to get some badly needed medical treatment as well as try to get me home. By law, I’ve done time served, as well as “good time” according to the law when I was incarcerated – even though, I never did the crime. 

We are asking for your help to be part of a big concert in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The date will be November 6 and the lineup is pretty extraordinary. We hope you can join us.

I know I would be more than grateful and so would native peoples, as they are trying everything to get me home.

Thank you in the Spirit of Crazy Horse.


Leonard Peltier

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