International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

Od Custera do Peltiera – czerwcowe wydarzenia w indiańskiej historii

Once again, we invite you to a meeting in indiaskim Circle in Krakow. This time we will talk about one of the greatest Native American victories over the Little Bighorn; with some of the biggest leaders: sitting Bull and Crazy Horse, Custer’s legend lieutenant colonel.

At the same time we return to the topic Incident at Oglala, and the case of Leonard Peltier – the 40th anniversary of the events that over the years, expose the incompetence of the American legislative system.

We will invite you also to the Polish Rally XXXIX Movement of Friends of the Indians in 2015

After the meeting, will be presented film Incident at Oglala (extensive excerpts)

Little Bighorn in 1876
Legend Georha A. Custer
Incident at Oglala – the case of Leonard Peltier

The meeting will be: Dariusz Kachlk, a longtime participant in Polish Movement of Friends of the Indians, a member of the Polish Association of Friends of the Indians

26/06/2015 hours. 19:00
Cafe Finska Kraków, ul. Józefińska 47

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