International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

Westside Olympia Food Coop, 921 N Rogers, Olympia, WA

Appropriately on the day of March Fo(u)rth, the Westside Olympia Food Co-op will be embarking on a 3-day mural painting project based on paintings done by Imprisoned Native American Activist\Artist Leonard Peltier. This project is in itself an action to raise awareness to Leonard’s innocence and his case for freedom, while also helping build momentum for a reawakened movement in this country to pressure President Obama to grant Peltier executive clemency in this last year of his presidency. We are linking up with a world wide movement for his freedom and at the same time we will be creating a beautiful piece of artwork. Leonard is 71 years old and has been in prison for almost 40 years. This year is maybe our last good chance to do something to help get him free. Volunteers are welcome, most specifically those with painting skills who can dedicate the time. There will be people tabling and gathering signatures. We look forward to seeing you there!




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