International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

…I can say this much based on the evidence used to convict Peltier: that is only to say that it falls far short of establishing guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.   The thin shred of evidence upon which his conviction rode was (at best) circumstantial.  It put him at or near the scene of the murders. Trial transcripts that I have spent days and weeks reviewing confirm that Leonard was nearby as were several dozen of other AIM members.

I know this much about legitimate criminal convictions. They do not rely on the testimony of witnesses who were not present, received financial gain for their testimony and had major mental health issues. But I certainly have not a wish to recite the entire evidentiary file on Peltier and his many appeals. I know this much: enough far more prominent people than I have pleaded with every USA President since the date of Leonard Peltier’s conviction.  They have had no success.


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